"Slave Horse" is now on Youtube

on Saturday, January 23, 2010

The low budget nomadic poem set, (formerly SummerOfRage), was written last summer,
shot from 4:30am till Noon, and has been uploading on youtube ever since. It is at
the moment 89 poems, and a few transitions of video symbolism, about corporate culture, slavery, animal cruelty (tied horses), all of which are short, and LOW BUDGET so some windy scenes are felt.

LINK HERE(once finished uploading and put foward, the play list is backward right now)

It, is a collection of short poems, dancing around some overlooked truths
here in Philly and universally. The most acerbic of these is the one
of a white horse tied up in ally, and then another where the horse
is doing its job at independence hall. Alex Jones said there was
to be a revolution last summer and such fear mongering never happened

Its winter, where was your summer of rage (also, where was my set, late- but
this revolution looks off track).

Theres also about 15 missing and a few wrongly titled.